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The Cause

Profits from Ugandan Mist coffee and teas goes to orphans and schools in Uganda.  There are currently three entities which we support.

Rejoice School

Bulamu Children’s Home

God Cares School

These three are at different levels of growth.  Rejoice School is the youngest and has the most basic needs. facilities, uniforms and a decent for wage the teachers.

Bulamu Children’s Home is an orphanage caring for over 200 children.  Of the 200 children only 100 have sponsors.  The facilities are good, but the teachers receive no wages rather work for room and board at the orphanage.  Bulamu needs more sponsors ($35 a month per child) and funds for utilities, computers and lab equipment for the older students.

God Cares School is the most advanced of the three. They educate and care for over 1400 students from K-12. Their need is to provide funding for their graduates to continue their education at the trade school and university level.  They now provide education to not only Ugandan children but also students from war torn southern Sudan.